BIM for Contractors

BIM For General Contractors

Promise of BIM in Construction 

The promise of BIM is to build a structure virtually prior to physically constructing it. This allows project participants to design, analyze, sequence, and explore a project through a digital environment where it is far less expensive to make changes than in the field during construction, where changes are exponentially more costly. Today, this promise is becoming reality. An array of BIM software and mobile applications are delivering results that mitigate construction risk.

The Value of BIM in Construction

Now, innovation is becoming a part of the way contractors deliver their work and differentiate themselves from their competitors. As a result, we are starting to see a healthy ecosystem of supply and demand for ever better tools between technology vendors and construction management firms willing to invest to drive efficiencies, as is evident in the rise of contractors adopting BIM.

  • Opportunity to reduce cost
  • Ability to save time automated functions
  • Parametric Modification of designs with BIM
  • Less time drafting more time designing
  • Clash detection Capabilities
  • Improved interoperability 
  • Improved document version control
  • Improved budgeting/cost estimating capabilities
  • Opportunity to reduce construction time
  • Reducing insurance claims
  • Compliance code checking
  • Safer work sites



  • Evaluate and understand project before building.
  • Collaborate easily with other project parties.
  • Integrate modeling with cost estimation and scheduling.
  • Visualizations help everyone.
  • Plan and manage your daily work. 

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 Create Innovative Design Virtually 


 Earlier Conflict and Error Detection 


 Handover and Operate through Entire Building Life-cycle

Pre-construction Phase

Conceptual Design

Conceptual Design

BIM helps to create from  concept design process to completion.  Almost all decisions about the building are being made in this phase of the design.

As-Built 3D Model

As-Built 3D Model

BIM 3D model has realistic view of any infrastructure along with data rich information.  Architects, contractors and engineers use the 3D model to visualize, design and coordinate the construction of a building end to end. 



 An efficient design process starts with connecting project teams. Accelerate project delivery, reduce rework, and improve productivity by enabling teams to securely co-author BIM designs in real-time and streamline deliverable coordination. 

Ongoing Construction Phase

Extracting GFC Drawings


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Material Tracking


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Post-construction Phase

Asset Information


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Our service for Contractors

UrbanBIM helps contractors manage risk and plan for successful construction process. If you detect and avoid problems before construction begins, you minimize expensive delay and rework. Design insight and project predictability from pre-construction to execution delivers more effective planning, coordination and control. 

Not only does BIM provide a single platform for the collection and illustration of numerous dimensions of data, it ensures that the captured information remains accessible to all team members who wish to modify it, while keeping the data consistent and coordinated at all times. Therefore designers, architects, structural engineers, contractors, and owners are able to work more collaboratively and efficiently than ever before. The information contained in the BIM model is also highly actionable in order to help inform decision making and has been shown to reduce change orders and field-coordination problems over a project’s lifespan.