BIM For Home Builders

BIM For Home Builders

Why BIM for Residential projects…?

BIM not only helps in building a virtual 3D model, but also gives an insight to the materials used, life cycle of a particular building, and cost of making it. Intelligent 3-D design is a requirement in today’s construction business.

BIM delivers much more than a fancy-looking electronic blueprint . It can be a valuable aid in making strategic decisions. In order to maximize BIM’s benefits, builders should use it as part of a Lean building process. Lean building is a project management approach that attempts to wring out waste such as overbuying of materials and to reduce errors that lead to change orders — and higher costs. 

From early design to the production phase, coordination and overall efficiency can be substantially improved all with greater control of risk. BIM enables sustainable design with energy, green and CO2 calculations.


  • Design Flexibility
  •  Pre - Construction Project Visualization
  • Improve Collaboration
  • Material Take-Off  
  • Cost Reduction
  • Marketing

Our service for Residential projects

We excel in handling (building information modeling) BIM projects for huge residential societies, residential complexes, housing schemes, sprawling private properties and palatial bungalows thus helping homebuilders in their construction process and planning. We offer comprehensive BIM solutions including design, 3D BIM modeling, construction drawings, floor plans, time schedule, cost estimation and extend CGI excellence to marketing presentations.  

  • Design Options
  • BIM 3D Modeling Services
  • Clash Detection & Co-ordination
  • BIM 4D Time Schedule
  • BIM 5D Cost Estimating 
  • Lean BIM construction
  • Construction Documents


Our approach for BIM residential

UrbanBIM understand the requirements of home owners, occupants as well as home builders and design accordingly. We provide complete production drawing sets with all the key features like foundation drawings, elevation plans, sectional drawings, structural framing, roofing, detailed floor plans etc. these detailed BIM construction drawings enable clients to handle construction and planning thus effectively manage their residential building construction projects.

We can also manage construction drawing libraries for retrofits and for revised construction plans. We stay updated on the respective construction code requirement and any revisions issued for the state or country the project is based in.